Tim Houston and the


“I believe Nova Scotia deserves better.

We’re working to build a strong team that can  

unleash our potential, with a  government that listens, puts the personal above politics, and isn’t afraid to try new ideas.

Nova Scotians should see themselves represented in their government. I’m committed to forming a genuinely diverse team to build  on our party’s forward-thinking reputation.


We’ve won all but one by-election contested since the last election and we’re just getting started. Sign up on our website today to let us know we can count on your support in the next provincial election.”  

- Tim Houston

Hope for Health

Hope for Health is Tim Houston’s plan to:

  • Provide access to virtual telehealth to any individual on the list while they are waiting for a primary care health provider.

  • Open Operating Rooms  beyond Monday to Friday 9-5, to clear the backlog of surgeries.

  • Focused on recruitment strategy around international trained graduates.

  • Support and expand virtual care to more healthcare providers.

  • Focus on Health and Prevention in schools and in communities.

  • Invest in chronic illness treatment and prevention.

  • Restore local decision-making


The PC Hope for Health plan is aimed at making sure you and your family get the care you need, when you need it.

Universal Mental Health

The PC Universal Mental Health Care Plan will ensure every Nova Scotian, regardless of income or circumstance, will be able to access mental health services, where they need it, when they need it.

  • A separate department specifically dedicated to mental health and addictions.

  • Opening MSI billing codes to allow private practitioners to   deliver their services to anyone.

  • 24/7 mental-telehealth services and a new 9-8-8 mental health  crisis line

  • Attracting new mental health professionals to Nova Scotia.

  • Increase training options for health professionals and    educators.


We commit to   making access to mental health care barrier free, friendly and available everyone.

Environment and Climate Change

The effects of Climate Change and the Environment are very real and their effects impact Nova Scotia’s.


The PC party understands that a healthy environment contributes to a healthy economy and to Nova Scotia’s long term prosperity.

  • Introduce new environmental legislation which will put Nova Scotia back on track to be a world leader in           protecting the environment.

  • Focus on green energy to ensure that sustainable jobs are created and that both existing, and future businesses, thrive with minimal environmental impact.

  • Establish a blue ribbon panel within the Department of Environment to assess complex applications and ensure our environment is protected with the highest  level of scrutiny.


Climate Change

and our


Dignity for Seniors

The PC plan ‘Dignity for our Seniors’ shows how a Tim Houston government will support our seniors with important investments in long-term care. Our plan includes:

  • Building 2500 new long term care beds.

  • More staff with mandatory standards of care per resident.

  • New options for after home care , but before nursing home care, called ‘Supportive Living” that provides seniors and their families with increased choice and autonomy over care options and services.

  • More accountability by using technology to measure     outcomes.


Your PC team recognizes that after contributing their whole lives, our older citizens deserve to live their lives in comfort and with dignity.