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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Hello and welcome,


Thank you for taking a few minutes find out about me and see what I stand for.

It has been an honor and privilege to have had  the opportunity to represent the residents of our constituency as MLA for the past four years and I respectfully ask that you allow me to continue to provide you with the representation the residents of Sackville and Mount Uniacke deserve.


As a life long resident of Sackville—Uniacke, I am  proud to call our constituency home. I live here (as do my parents, both brothers and their families), I work here and I am raising my two daughters here. AND I am the only candidate running in this election who actually lives in the riding. I know what we need because I see and hear about it everyday.


With over four years  experience as a Member of the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly, and 16 years as a Halifax Regional Councillor, I have  a proven track record of representing our 

community and the constituents with energy, enthusiasm and experience


Good representation  goes beyond making our concerns heard at the   Provincial Legislature. It also means listening to people and providing answers promptly. It means getting residents involved to find solutions that others overlooked and keeping people informed along the way. It means being able to look at the big   picture while still  addressing the needs of individual residents.


I have the background and knowledge of how government works at all levels. I  understand the issues both Provincially, and in our               communities, and I have the inter-governmental connections to ensure that the concerns and issues of the residents in Sackville—Uniacke are raised, and resolved. I care about our communities because my family and I live here.


My pledge is to continue to listen, take action on your behalf and get results. I respectfully ask for your continued support and your vote for MLA this election.  






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